Show Archive

Here is a collection of some of our pre-recorded shows and PSAs. Please keep in mind that this page is a work in progress and therefore more files will be added.


Skateboarding: Past and Present  Download

Poetry Cafe: Focus on the Female Experience  Download

Metric Artist Profile  Download

Lights Artist Profile  Download

Kingston Women’s Art Festival Documentary  Download

Easter Seals Documentary  Download

Dan Mangan Artist Profile  Download

Buck 65 Documentary  Download

Rape Culture Documentary

Homophobia Documentary

War Documentary

Obesity Documentary

Women in Media Documentary

Para-Athletics Documentary

Animal Rights Documentary

Matthew Shepard Case Study Documentary

Farming Industry Documentary

Sexism Documentary

Skate for Cancer Documentary

Climate Change Documentary

Spoken Word Features

All Time Low Artist Spotlight  Download

Cave Creatures: Trouble With Trolls  Download

Cave Creatures: Werewolf Awareness  Download

Cave Creatures: Zombie Prevention  Download

Cave Cuisine on Burgers  Download

Creepshow Band Interview  Download

Deadmau5 Artist Spotlight  Download

Music Around The World  Download

Skarrow Band Interview  Download

Zombie Apocalypse Radio Drama  Download


Anti-Bullying PSA  Download

Breast Cancer Awareness PSA  Download

Easter Seals PSADownload

Fire Safety PSA  Download

Humane Society PSA  Download

Mental Health PSA  Download

Single Parent Home PSA  Download

Sleepless Goat PSA  Download

Texting And Driving PSA  Download

Anti Cigarette PSA

Feed The Ducks PSA

Poverty Line PSA

Extra Life PSA

Anti Piracy PSA

Climate Change PSA

French Culture PSA

Homophobia PSA

Internet Safety PSA

Local Bands PSA

Local Farms PSA

Physical Activity PSA

Radio Dramas

Comedy of Dangers Episode 1

Comedy of Danger Episode 2

The Voice of Death Episode 1

The Voice of Death Episode 2




Radio Regent

Be sure to check out out friends at Radio Regent. They have prerecorded material for listening available here and here.